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“At one point he takes up guitar so he can be as cool as the kid-rocker Dan Zanes. “If it weren’t for the police presence” at his concerts, Mr. Zevin writes, “they’d be rushing the stage and throwing their nursing bras up at him.” Mr. Zevin clearly deserves projectile undergarments too.” Read more

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“So what happens when you approach middle age, get married, have kids, and leave that hip Brooklyn neighborhood for the suburbs? Well, if you’re Dan Zevin, you buy a mini-van, trick it out with orange flame decals, and write a book about it.” Listen to the interview | Read article

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P.J. O’Rourke
“Dan Zevin yanks the car seats and the sippy cups out of that minivan and sticks a blow Hemi dragster engine back there — I mean in his prose style. In his lifestyle it’s, um… a different matter.”

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Kirkus Reviews
“With Zevin’s latest offering, we see how one man’s limits are relentlessly reached and reconfigured in the hilarious wake of middle age.” Read more

Mrs. Linda Zevin (Dan’s Mom)
“He was always a wise-guy. A mensch, but a wise-guy. Even when he was little, I said, ‘Daniel, you keep making wisecracks and one day, someone’s gonna smack you.’ Who knew he’d wind up making a living at it? Well, maybe not a living, but he gets by.”