The Nearly-wed Handbook: How to Survive the Happiest Day of Your Life


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Together you’ve entered a strange new world of deranged caterers, militant photographers, and prima donna florists. You find yourselves incapable of discussing anything non-nuptial, and you won’t rest until you’ve registered for those perfect pewter grape scissors. Are the two of you going nuts? Nope, you’re just planning a wedding…

NPR Interview

On National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition,” Dan reveals the Four C’s of engagement ring shopping: Cost, Cost, Cost, and Cost. For couples on the romantic road from Nearly-wed to newlywed, here’s a conversation about surviving the happiest day of your life.


As you enter into your new lives as Nearly-weds, remember: To have a successful marriage, all you need is trust, respect, and an undying commitment to the person you love enough to stick with forever. To have a successful wedding, though, you’ll need something really hard to sustain: a sense of humor. Keep that in mind and you’ll not only survive the Happiest Day of Your Life, you just might enjoy it.



You publically declare your love in front of the people who mean the most to you. You desperately revise your guest list according to which of these people are worth the seventy-five bucks a head it’s costing to feed them.
You make the most mature, adult decision of your life. You spend three hours deciding whether to register for the sterling silver olive pitter or the crystal margarita decanter with cactus-theme swizzle sticks.
You want to spend each and every moment together. You spend each and every moment together trying to figure out which table senile Uncle Abe should sit at.
You make a profound commitment to the single most important person in your life. You put down a deposit on a professional wedding planner.

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