The Minivan Diaries

Dan’s Daily Flu-Fighting Tips (Day One)


Coughing:  Cough only into a Ziploc sandwich bag, 1 quart freezer-style with E-Z plastic sliding tab to lock in airborne contaminants. In regions where Ziploc bags are in short supply, the Centers for Disease Control urges coughers to cover their mouths by making a fist and inserting their knuckles firmly between the upper and lower teeth for the duration of the cough and/or coughs. Remove traces of saliva and blood from the knuckles by washing your hands with a dry steel wool pad and rinsing thoroughly in a solution of warm water and Liquid-Plumr. Remember, most germs are spread through hand-to-hand contact. In regions where Latex rubber gloves are in short supply, arm-length ballroom gloves are recommended.

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