Some Humor Columns

The Sizzling Life of The Suburban Dad
Here’s the truth: Every day, I feel like the luckiest patriarch on Planet Earth. Except today. And yesterday. My adventures as a suburbanaut.

There Goes The Groom
Attention, Future Husbands of America. (From The Associated Press.)

Alley Cats
Discovering a new winter sport.

A Test Of Time
Sure, we all wish we could sleep late, wear flip-flops, and study Kierkegaard. But who’s got the time to go back to school these days?

Walking The Line
My day as a tourist in my former hometown.

West Coast Workout
Who needs to shape up for spring when you can get the star treatment at Sports Club LA?

Some Rolling Stone Articles

Let’s Go! (or Let’s Not and Say We Did)
This one started out as a gonzo road trip with an undergrad reporter from the “Let’s Go” travel guides. It wound up winning an award from the Medill School of Journalism and the Society of American Travel Writers—in the category of Best Travel News/Investigative Reporting. Who knew I was an investigative  reporter?

Rules for Roommates
My editor asked me to interview some experts and write something useful for college students living in cramped quarters. I forgot to interview the experts.

A Slacker’s Guide to College
My course catalog of the nation’s easiest classes.

Giants on Ice
One very freezing week with the U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team.

How to Fake a Resume
My timeless tips to help you look good on paper. Really good.